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Telemedical consultations

If you live far away and find it difficult to travel to our clinic for a consultation then worry no more. Canberra Heart Clinic now conducts telemedical consultations. Leave it with us to coordinate a Skype session. If you have not seen our cardiolgists this may need to be arranged at your local doctors surgery. If you have seen our cardiologists before and the matter can be sorted with a telemedical consultation then the Skype session can be done from your home. As a result we can accommodate all patients whether they live near or far. Our telemedical consultations have been very successful and have saved our patients many hours of travelling. If you are interested in having a telemedical consulation with one of our cardiologists, please contact our friendly staff for further details.

  • 11.February.2019

7 Day Holter Monitoring

With the purchase of two 7 day Holter monitors, the Canberra Heart Clinic can now do Holter monitoring from 1 day up to 7 days. Since the clinic has 10 Holter monitors, appointments can generally be booked with no waiting time. It should also be remembered that Holter monitors at the Canberra Heart Clinic are read by its own local cardiologists unlike those provided in pathology which may be read by cardiologists located outside of Canberra. Cardiologists reporting for pathology providers may not have access to the referral letter or the patient's notes. Holter monitors provided by pathology providers also do not in general have an event button for the patient to press and do not have a clock on them which makes correlating patient symptoms with rhythm traces next to impossible. We therefore pride ourselves on the quality of our Holter monitor reports.

  • 18.March.2019

New Echocardiograhic Machines

The Canberra Heart Clinic is pleased to announce that it has purchased 3 brand new echocardiographic machines. We have 2 brand new General Electric E95 machines and with this, we now have the most sophisticated echocardiographic machines in the region. Both machines are capable of complex valve assessment as well as tissue strain analysis. This provides an earlier diagnosis of potential left ventricular dysfunction. These machines also have the added functionality of a 3D probe which allows for a detailed assesment of valvular dysfunction and a more accurate assessment of regional wall defects in exercise stress echocardiography. In addition, we also have a brand new GE Vivid iq portable echocardiographic machine which is the best in its class and allows for an accurate assessment of cardiac structural abnormalities in the private hospital setting as well as assisting in the management of complex cardiac conditions in surrounding towns. We are in the process of arranging outreach echocardiography clinics so if you feel your town has a need for such services please contact our practice manager, Parveender.

  • 08.April.2019

A New and Even More Beautiful Canberra Heart Clinic

We are excited to announce that Canberra Heart Clinic has recently completed a complete makeover! Our vision is to bring cardiology services to a whole new level with sophisticated and state of the art technology. With our new and improved look, we endeavour to provide our patients with the best quality care and service in a quintessentially beautiful environment. We hope you feel at home in our rooms. Whilst you wait for your appointment please enjoy refreshments including coffee, tea or even a hot chocolate. There is also chilled filtered water and sparkling mineral water. Free wi-fi is also available for you whilst you wait for your appointment.

  • 10.December.2018