Sherry Qian

About Me:

Sherry has a Biomedical Science Degree from Queensland University, specializing in the fascinating field of cardiac ultrasound. Her passion lies in using her knowledge and skills to provide exceptional patient care and contribute to the well-being of individuals.

Sherry is a highly professional individual with a warm, caring, and easy-going personality. She is always reliable and excels in everything that she does. Sherry is committed to delivering accurate and precise results, working closely with medical professionals to provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

Currently Sherry is working as a Trainee Cardiac Sonographer at the Canberra Heart Clinic and is undertaking a Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound at the Queensland University of Technology. Sherry has a strong desire to learn, constantly expanding her knowledge and honing her expertise in the field. She enjoys the challenges that come with this role and find great satisfaction in being able to make a positive impact on people's lives.

When she is not working, you can find her enjoying a game of badminton or exploring the wonders of different cultures through travel. These hobbies allow her to maintain a balanced lifestyle and nurture her personal growth.