Dr Jaydeep Mandal

About Me:

After obtaining his basic medical degree in India, Dr Jaydeep Mandal obtained Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom (FRCP) and in Australia (FRACP). He worked as a consultant in acute internal medicine in the UK, from 2006 to 2014, and then as a consultant in general medicine in Bathurst, Australia from 2014 to 2023. In 2023 he moved with his young family to Canberra and is a general medical consultant at the Canberra Hospital in the Acute Medical Unit and is also a general medical consultant at Bega Hospital. He therefore possesses the necessary skills and expertise to manage patients to the highest standards in the field of Internal Medicine. This is an aim that he consistently delivers to his patients. He understands excellent interpersonal and communication skills as an adjunct to clinical skills are vital in managing patients with multiple comorbidities. He has a keen interest in general cardiology, general respiratory medicine, type 2 diabetes, thyroid diseases, and cardio-metabolic diseases. His skills make him an ideal specialist to manage patients that require private and commercial vehicle licence renewal, perioperative assessment, and management or in the diagnostic evaluation of undifferentiated dizziness, syncope, and breathlessness.

Dr Jaydeep Mandal experience over many years in India, the UK and in regional Australia has enabled him to assess, diagnose and manage complex medical problems and acute medical emergencies, particularly those involving multiple systems and determine their relative priority. His extensive experience has made him proficient in investigating clinical problems in a prioritized, systematic, well informed, and cost-effective way; to recognize and manage all major medical emergencies; other acute presentations of illness affecting concurrently in one or more organ system which includes the administration of all necessary immediate care and interventions in an appropriate evidenced based way.

Dr Jaydeep Mandal has achieved expertise in the on-going care and management of complex medical patients with multiple co-morbidities including the preventive and public health, community health as well as the medico legal aspects of health care. He has achieved the capability to make a holistic evaluation of a patient; prioritize the treatment options which may include surgery and determines the appropriate time regarding conditions as to when to referral to another specialist.

Dr Jaydeep Mandal has an attitude to promote trust and cooperation; to help patients to cope with distressing or other emotions. He exercises independent judgment, and his clinical self-confidence is self-directed, and he maps and achieves the required clinical objectives. He has high internal standards and a desire to improve, maintains effective work performance under pressure and when appropriate is able to cope with his own emotions in difficult clinical scenarios. He accepts and acts on all constructive criticism.

Dr Jaydeep Mandal has also developed the ability to get others to work effectively by planning and delegating work. He can coach and supervise other doctors and staff and gives clear feedback about performance, good or bad and to conduct and administer a general medical service, including patient consultation, preparing patient letters, completing discharge summaries and production of other patient reports. He liaises and works effectively with professional colleagues, particularly general medical practitioners, as well as other members of the multidisciplinary team.


Year Degree Institute
1998 MBBS University of Baroda, India