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Upgrade of Medical Equipment
In June 2015 the Canberra Heart Clinic had a major upgrade of its medical equipment. This including a new GE Mach 5500 ECG machine, a new Philips ST80i Stress testing System and new Suntech Oscar 2 ambulatory 24 hour blood pressure monitor which is capable of assessing central blood pressure which more accurately correlates with true blood pressure. This investment ensures that patients at the Canberra Heart Clinic are not only managed by caring and highly skilled staff, but also that their investigations are performed with equipment that is the best in its class.
7 Days Holter Monitor
With the purchase of two 7 day event monitors the Canberra Heart Clinic can now do cardiac monitor from 1 day upto 7 days. The clinic has 10 monitors so monitors can generally be booked with no waiting time. It should also be remembered that Holter monitors at the Canberra Heart Clinic are read by its own local cardiologists unlike those provided in pathology which are read by cardiologists outside Canberra who do not have access to the referral letter or the patient's notes. Holter monitors provided by pathology providers also do not in general have an event button for the patient to press and do not have a clock on them which makes correlating patient symptoms with rhythm traces next to impossible. We therefore pride ourselves on the quality of our Holter monitor reports.
Referring doctors and patients whether they be new or prior patients of the Canberra Heart Clinic can now book their appointments via Appointuit. This will save time as you no longer have to wait on the phone to make you appointment. The Appointuit app is available via the App Store for iphone and ipads and is also available as an android app on Google Play for Android phones. Appointuit can also be accessed via your computer and is free of charge to use.
Our Team


Parveender Kaur

Parveen is the newest member of our team, joining us in April 2016. With her clinical background in nursing and a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in business management, she excels in handling a wide range of administrative, financial and executive support tasks. She has a work ethic matched by few and it is therefore not surprising that shortly after her arrival she has become an indispensable part of our clinic. She is highly professional and has a warm, easy going personality. She can be approached for any feedback, suggestions or concerns you may have. She is deeply passionate about her work and in her role as health practice manager ensures that the Canberra Heart Clinic provides the best possible care to its patients in the most professional yet caring of environments.


Deepa Allada

After completing high school at Glen Waverley Secondary College in Melbourne, Deepa then did a Batchelor of Business Systems at Monash University. Deepa has been an integral part of this practice since its inception in 2010. Deepa understands all parts of the practice including reception and is a competent cardiac technician. She commenced echocardiography training in 2011 and graduated with distinction in Cardiac Ultrasound from Queensland University of Technology. She is highly professional and extremely friendly.

Amanda Elliot

Amanda always has a dream of being a cardiac sonographer. Amanda commenced work in the 2012 after doing work experience in the rooms the previous year whilst she was completing a medical science degree majoring in Biological Chemistry from the University of Canberra. She is a skilled cardiac technician and is now currently performing cardiac ultrasounds. Amanda is currently undertaking her diploma in cardiac ultrasound studies from Queensland University of Technology. She is very helpful and is willing to give a hand in all areas including the reception.


Connie Jamio

Connie commenced work at the Canberra Heart Clinic in 2012 and is a nurse trained from the Philippines. Prior to working in our practice she worked for 6 years in a large Medical Centre in Dubai. She is multi-talented and often assists at reception although her current role is setting up patients prior to their consultation or exercise stress echocardiogram. She has immense clinical knowledge and experience. Connie is extremely cheerful and has a great sense of humour.

Annabelle Redman

Annabelle joined our team in February 2016 to be part of the medical practice staff. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Her training from her previous position as a finance officer and her excellent administrative skills is what makes her an essential part of this dynamic team. She loves to learn new things and is becoming proficient in all aspects of running the Canberra Heart Clinic. Annabelle is very friendly and loves interacting with visitors.

Newsletter Our Team
Our Team
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